Modern Kitchen in Upper East Side, NYC

Architect: Christopher Martorana / CM Designs NY, Kitchen Designer: Gregory Hitchcock
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The signature features of this Upper East Side, Manhattan, NYC apartment kitchen was also its biggest challenge: how to create the functionality of table seating in an Italian modern luxury kitchen with a large kitchen island concept that typically only has back seating?

To achieve this, our Italian kitchen designers at Cesar NYC Kitchens and the architect Christopher Martorana from CM Designs NY used a floating wood top kitchen table that has seating on both sides of the kitchen island, allowing for two diners to sit across from two more. The wood top table is two and a half inches thick and leans on the main functional workspace portion of the kitchen island, hence creating more volume for the wood surface. By situating the seating area at the end of the kitchen island on a floating wood top table, the rest of the kitchen island’s countertop and interiors remains accessible for work, meal preparation, and access to the ample storage that the island provides.

In this Italian designer kitchen, our kitchen designers used Cesar’s Maxima 2.2 kitchen model, which is our most popular and frequently used modern Italian kitchen line at Cesar NYC since it offers maximum flexibility and customization options. This modern kitchen model was combined with white lacquer on the kitchen cabinets, heat-treated oak on the kitchen island and a Caesarstone frosty carina finish kitchen countertop. To the back of this residential kitchen, wall kitchen cabinets provide substantial storage space, helping to fortify the minimalist, no-clutter design of this modern kitchen design overall.

It may surprise many that this space has a converted galley kitchen design. By incorporating a minimalistic design and the stunning kitchen island combo in the center of the room, it is completely opened up to a classic open floor concept. The ability for one to walk around the kitchen island is the result of the innovative open-architecture walls that visually diminish the presence of the walls, almost rendering them invisible. The flooring in this space is made of a light gray oak wood, which provides a third contrast to the white and heat-treated oak finishes of the other kitchen surfaces. In order to get a better understanding of the kitchen cabinet finishes used for this specific kitchen project, visit our Cesar NYC kitchen showroom in Flatiron District, NYC, which is where we have a very similar kitchen model currently on display.

Photographer © Costas Picadas