Cesar Wall Waiter Shelf

Our Cesar Wall Waiter is an inventive, innovative, exciting storage solution designed by our Italian Cesar Art Director Garcia Cumini. Our Wall Waiter is a multi-functional module that acts as both storage and decor by providing space to store a range of objects in the kitchen. Cesar Wall Waiter  features a pull-down front, which creates extra shelving. Meanwhile, integrated LED lighting adds luminescence to the workspace and spotlights on the most-used kitchen accessories. Our Cesar Wall Waiter  modules can be used independent of one another or they can be used in continuous line or one-atop-another configurations. Given these range of options, Cesar Wall Waiter  is a highly versatile innovation that is changing the functionality and ergonomics of kitchens worldwide.

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Cesar Black And White Maxima Kitchen

The four modular units available (23, 90, 150 in) can be used by themselves, in a line or one on top of the other in conjunction with modern kitchen cabinets for utmost planning freedom

A led light integrated in the structure illuminates the surface and the accessories while creating a warm, intimate atmosphere.

Unit Kitchen Image By Cesar

Various utensils can be hung from the hooks to optimise the space available and have everything readily at hand.

Cesar Wall Kitchen Shelf

When shut, the pull-down flap organises and conceals many of the small accessories used in the kitchen; when open, it becomes an additional shelf that increases the surfaces available.

Cesar Wall Waiter Kitchen Shelf Zoom

Wall Waiter is composed of two aluminium profiles and is available in titanium and white, creating a pleasantly minimalist aesthetic effect.

Italian Kitchen Shelf Design

Our Italian Cesar Wall Waiter’s modular units can thrive independent of one another or in groupings. Modular units are available in 23, 90, and 150 inch lengths and are beautifully married to our Italian Cesar kitchen cabinets, boosting the freedom and flexibility of implementation of Cesar’s kitchen systems by creating new possibilities for storage. Our Wall Waiter features integrated LED lighting, which as part of the structure of the kitchen seamlessly works illumination into the surfaces of the kitchen space while creating an atmosphere that is inviting, subtly bright, and highly functional.

Cesar Wall Waiter Kitchen Shelf

Innovative Kitchen Storage

In all kitchens, utensils are one of the most used implements, and grabbing them with ease makes the chef’s life infinitely easier. Our Cesar Wall Waiter features hooks, upon which various utensils may be hung so that they are within a quick arm’s reach to the chef as he or she moves about the space, creating meals and memories. When our Wall Waiter shelf is closed, a pull-down flap conceals many of the kitchen’s smaller items, keeping them out of view and enhancing the overall clean appearance of the kitchen. When the Wall Waiter shelf is opened, an additional shelf is created, allowing for even more storage space. This kitchen feature is made of two aluminum profiles. It is available in titanium and in white. The range of options create many possibilities for seamless integration into the space. Both options are minimalistic and unassuming, allowing them to be integrated into nearly any kitchen space without drawing so much attention to themselves that attention is taken away from the beautiful design of the rest of the kitchen.