Modern High-End Kitchen in Woodcliff Lake, NJ

Kitchen Designer: Kobi Aharon
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Our kitchen designers were delighted to take on this unique project, which was a residential kitchen project for a client who is as restaurant owner. Creating a space dedicated to food preparation and sharing for someone who is a professional at both was an exciting challenge.

The owner of this Italian luxury kitchen was very drawn to the idea of drawing in as much natural light as possible, which would be paired with an overall aesthetic of clean, neat, modern lines. In order to enhance the clean modern look fo the space, our team worked with tall cabinets, which are paired here with a column refrigerator. The two together create a tall, clean profile that gives the kitchen a smooth and uncluttered appearance, while light colors help to boost the natural light drawn in from windows in the kitchen.

Open shelving was incorporated into this space to boost an open feel. The shelves are thick and each has an LED light beneath it, creating a lighting aesthetic that mirrors the style and design of the client’s home at large.

Unique design features in this space include a backsplash that contains octagon-shaped tiles, and a Brazilian walnut floor.

Our designers worked with Cesar’s Maxima 2.2 in this kitchen. The kitchen system is used here in white high gloss lacquer finish. The sheen and brightness of the finish mingles well with the natural light in the space, as well as the casual lighting throughout the kitchen design. The space utilizes two different countertop options: concrete color Caesarstone on the workspace below the window, and thick edged Cara Carta for the kitchen island, which serves as a centerpiece for the room and has dual seating options.