Cesar Yara Modern Kitchen in Lacquer

Kitchen Model: Cesar Yara // Kitchen Style: Modern Italian Kitchen Cabinets // Kitchen Designer & Manufacturer: Cesar // Kitchen Cabinet Finishes & Materials: Silk-Effect Butter Lacquer // Kitchen Base Unit Doors: Matte Butter Lacquer Finish // Kitchen Wall Units: with Ivory Glass Sliding Cabinet Doors // Cabinet Door Frame: White Aluminum Framing // Cabinet Opening Mechanisms (Base Units): Push-Pull Mechanism // Kitchen Shelves: Silk-Effect Butter Lacquer, 4 cm / 1.6 inches with Single-Volume Lights // Kitchen Countertop: Super-Slim, 0.7 cm / 0.3 inches , Ivory Laminate Ceramic Countertop Finish // Kitchen Sides: Silk-Effect Butter Lacquer // Kitchen Base and Tall Cabinet Units: with Quadro End Element in Ivory Etched Glass Finish // Kitchen Hood: Stainless Steel, Twin Island

Please note that our Cesar Yara kitchen model is now available under the name Cesar Maxima 2.2.

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Italian Cesar Yara Kitchen Design Project

The above Italian kitchen design project uses our modern Cesar Yara kitchen line, which is now available at our Cesar NYC kitchen flagship store as part of our Cesar Maxima 2.2 line. This residential kitchen was custom made at our Italian Cesar kitchen factory in the Veneto region in Northern Italy, Europe. It uses a high-end matte, silk-effect butter lacquer for the base unit cabinetry, which creates a warm effect in a beige tone in this contemporary kitchen space. For the wall kitchen cabinets, a glass finish was chosen in an ivory finish and with sliding cabinet doors that use a white aluminum frame. While the base cabinetry can be opened with a push-pull opening mechanism, very stylish metal kitchen handles were used for the wall cabinetry.

Beige Cesar Yara Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen Design Elements

The same butter lacquer finish as used for the kitchen cabinetry was also chosen for the kitchen sides as well as the kitchen shelving of this contemporary kitchen, which come in a 1.6 inch thickness and were placed in between the two glass wall cabinet units. For the kitchen countertop, a super slim top was chosen with a thickness of only 0.3 inches that comes in a very stylish ivory laminate ceramic countertop finish that works really well design-wise with the stainless steel kitchen hood by Twin Island. The base and tall cabinets of this contemporary residential custom kitchen design have Quadro end elements that are equipped with an etched glass finish. To find out more about our custom kitchens and design features, feel free to contact our Cesar NYC kitchen showroom in Flatiron District, Manhattan, which is open seven days a week.