Modern Kitchen & Bath Design In NYC

We at Cesar NYC Kitchens specialize in innovative, high quality modern Italian kitchen design, production and installation, while also offering bathroom cabinet design in the same material and style as your Italian Cesar kitchen. Our Cesar Italy HQ has been a global leader in luxury kitchen cabinet design for over 50 years. Our Cesar NYC Kitchen Flagship Store focuses on contemporary and transitional kitchen design, and is a trendsetter in European high-end kitchen and bath design. Our kitchen designers can tell you about the latest kitchen color, material/finish and design trends.

Innovative Kitchens And Bathroom Vanities

Cesar’s engineers and designers are dedicated to remaining on the pulse of the newest innovations in European luxury kitchen design. We are known for constantly studying kitchen trends, color and finish favorites, and how people use their kitchens so to be able to incorporate that knowledge in our products, which are mostly modern kitchens, but also bathroom vanities, usually in the same design as our kitchen cabinets. Whether you are looking for a black, white, gray or colored Italian kitchen, like blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, or any other color, we will assist you in making your kitchen dream become reality.

Cesar UNIT Kitchen Model

Cesar’s European Product Design

One of our core principles at Cesar NYC Kitchens, is to focus on technological advances that can benefit the functionality and enjoyability of our clients’ kitchen spaces. Our Cesar Italian high-end kitchen cabinets are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Cesar Italy’s kitchen factory near Venice – the same spot in Italy, Europe that Cesar has been located for the nearly 50 years since it was founded. Over the past decades, our Cesar kitchen brand has earned a global reputation for its expertise in superior modern European kitchen design.

Cesar Intarsio Kitchen in Rovere Corvino Wood

Kitchen Cabinet Finishes, Materials & Colors

Our Cesar high-end kitchen cabinets are defined by their embrace of modern aesthetics, new technology, and unsurpassed functionality. Besides this, we put a high focus on being able to offer the latest kitchen materials, finishes and colors including black, white, gray cabinets and any color you can think of, including green, blue, purple, red, pink, orange and yellow. Our kitchen cabinet finish options are very trendy and fashionable, and we offer the option of completely custom kitchen and bath cabinet finishes based on your sample.

Yellow And Brown Cesar Kalea Kitchen

Popular Kitchen And Bath Design Options

The most popular kitchen materials and finishes are stainless steel, glass, wood kitchen cabinets including teak, oak and walnut wood, lacquer, ceramic, fenix laminate, melamine and eco gloss. In terms of our glass kitchen cabinets, as well as lacquer and laminate kitchen cabinets, you can choose from any color you can think of. Very often, our clients looking for sleekness in their kitchen and bath design, enjoy combining classic black, white, beige, grey or brown lacquer or laminate kitchen or bath cabinets with a high-end real wood, glass or metal cabinet finish. They then choose to have their kitchen base or wall cabinets in a different color or finish option, sometimes even using kitchen cabinets in green, blue, red, orange, pink, yellow or purple as a color spot for their cabinet wall units, and a more neutral white or black cabinet colors and finishes for the base cabinets and/or their kitchen islands. In terms of popularity of colors, blue and green kitchen and bath cabinets seem to be the leaders. However, also red, yellow and orange kitchen cabinets get occasionally requested by our clients.

Cesar Marble Kitchen

Modern Kitchen And Bath Design

Our Italian contemporary kitchen and bath cabinets fully embrace the beauty of modern high-end kitchen and bath design. This is achieved by employing sleek lines and clean European aesthetics that utilize any desired custom cabinet finish including lacquer, wood, metal and glass. As a result, our modern kitchen and bath cabinets create stunning designs that are innovative, functional and comfortable. We at Cesar constantly update our Italian kitchen cabinetry catalogs, offering the newest breakthroughs, innovations and trends in kitchen design. After visiting our modern Cesar NYC kitchen flagship store, you will notice why Cesar is the international leader in defining, studying, and employing the newest revelations in European kitchen ergonomics and modern luxurious kitchen and bath design.

Cesar Oak Kitchen With Marble Top

Transitional Kitchens

Our Italian Cesar kitchen and bath cabinets are also available in transitional styles, and are particularly popular in the United States. Our transitional kitchen cabinets and vanities are blending design elements of a more traditional or classic cabinet style with the excitement and prestige of modern, timeless design elements. The material Cesar uses for the production of our transitional Italian kitchens is painted wood in a variety of finish, color and material options. Our transitional kitchen and bath cabinets at Cesar are expertly integrated into the kitchen space by our kitchen designers, who have over 20 years’ experience in European modern and transitional high-end kitchen design, as you can see in our residential kitchen and bath portfolio.

Noa Transitional Kitchen Cesar NYC

Bathroom Vanities

For our Italian Cesar HQ, kitchen cabinets have been the major focus over the past 50 years. However, besides kitchen cabinets, Cesar also offers Italian style bathroom vanities that visually accompany Cesar’s kitchen cabinets. By integrating a similar Italian aesthetic into the bathroom as in the kitchen space, a seamlessness is created in your home that boosts the overall feeling of unity and contemporary European design across your entire interior space. This is achieved my using the same, some or similar kitchen materials and finishes for your bathroom vanities. Our Cesar vanities are a versatile pieces and can also be used in other interior spaces beyond your bathroom, like your living room or bedroom. This new and exciting offering from Cesar is limitless in its possibilities. Our Cesar kitchen designers are here to assist you with your whole kitchen, bath and interior space renovation, from beginning to end.

Bathroom Design At Cesar Multi-Unit Project

Cesar Kitchen Catalogs

Our Cesar kitchen cabinets and vanities come in a range of shapes, sizes, and styles. Cesar’s kitchen cabinetry catalogs put each different Cesar product on full display. They express the possibilities of what each design can accomplish in the kitchen and bath space and display our range of wood cabinets, glass kitchens, stainless steel kitchens, lacquer cabinet designs and all other finish options. Our catalogs also outline the functions each design element can add to your interiors, and how our residential kitchen and bath designs can be integrated into your home.

Cesar N_ELLE Custom Kitchen Rough Wood Material

Kitchen Models Replaced By Cesar Maxima 2.2:

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