Cesar Cloe Kitchen Model – Now Cesar Maxima 2.2

Our modern Italian Cesar Cloe kitchen model is a beautiful marriage of function, natural appeal, and modern style. Our Cesar Cloe kitchen, which is now sold in the name Cesar Maxima 2.2, features exclusive thirty-degree slanting edges on its cabinet doors and is also a debut star showcasing our fascinating new process for innovative wood treatment at Cesar kitchens. The result is a kitchen cabinet finish that enhances distinctive irregularities and other aspects of wood that give it its particular character. This innovative and exciting feature makes our Cesar Cloe kitchen line perfect for spots that embrace modern style and natural hues. The natural wood discovered through this new design process is beautifully paired with lacquers and colorful cabinet finishes for this kitchen.

Please note that our Cesar Cloe kitchen model is now available under name Cesar Maxima 2.2.

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Kitchen Features and Color Range

Our Cesar Cloe kitchen cabinet doors are 2.5 cm / 1 inch thick, with an innovative and exclusive 30-degree edge for the cabinet doors, which acts as the opening mechanism. Our Cesar kitchen line Cloe is available in a range of cabinetry finishes, including four matte and wood fishes, heat-treated oak, black walnut wood, oak wood, knotted oak wood with a matte or rough cabinetry finish, oak and knotted oak wood treated with vegetable oil and waxes with a rough cabinet finish. Other cabinet finish options of Cesar Cloe include eco cement, gloss and silk-effect lacquers in the colors mentioned in our Cesar kitchen catalogs, Fenix laminate, Sykroporo melamine, and Matrix melamine. Cloe is available in a range of kitchen cabinet colors, which includes neutral tones, such as ash, pearl, cloud gray, turtledove, and clay, as well as brighter cabinet colors, such as mustard, rust, red, ruby red, fuchsia, aubergine and airforce blue. These dynamic kitchen cabinet colors offer unique opportunities for dazzling style and design, particularly when paired with other cabinet finish options, such as natural wood, laminate, or cement.

Cesar Cloe Kitchen Cabinets In White

Italian Kitchen Customization

Our Cesar Cloe modern kitchen is a versatile design system that can integrate into a range of interior spaces, marrying the kitchen with the main living room space and beyond. Our kitchen designers at Cesar NYC will be happy to dream up an Italian kitchen design with you that fits your desired aesthetics, blending natural beauty with modern lines and sleek design in order to create a kitchen space that is uniquely yours. The kitchen, the heart of the home, should be an inviting space where the cook feels comfortable to move about and dream, creating meals for the family and gathering with friends, completing work, or simply sitting down to relax with a glass of wine. The possibilities for a kitchen that employs our Cesar Cloe product line are endless, and our kitchen designers are experts in understanding and communicating Cesar Cloe’s unique technological features, its design strengths, and the many different style choices, configurations, and kitchen feature pairings that can allow for this modern kitchen to help you take your kitchen and interior space to a new level.