Cesar Kalea Kitchen Model

Our Kalea kitchen breaks new ground in the world of kitchen cabinetry by defying expectations of dimensions and playing with space in a way that no other kitchen system has ever done. Cesar Kitchen Kalea embraces a creative and unique style by playing with the heights and widths of doors, creating a visual tapestry that serves a beautiful and exciting aesthetic. With its style that is equal parts contemporary art and inventive puzzle, Cesar Kitchen Kalea offers incredible opportunities for seamless integration into artful spaces.

Kitchen Customization Options

With our Cesar Kalea kitchen, you have an expansive list of finish options to choose from, allowing for even more personalization of style. Blending different finishes for different pieces is a particular strong suit of this Cesar kitchen, with oak playing with gloss lacquer or silk-effect finishes to create an ambiance that is warm and modern, creative and sturdy, and unique but unrelenting. These binary style choices allow for seemingly endless ability to make Kalea one’s own, marrying it to the home and creating a visual centerpiece in the heart of the space, where family can gather, meals can flourish, and conversation can waft through the air.

Range Of Kitchen Finishes

Some of Kalea’s finish options include bright pops of color such as red, yellow, purple, navy, orange and pink. These exciting style choices offer an opportunity to create a space that is undeniably unique and is bold in its statement. These pops of color mingle beautifully with other finish options such as neutral lacquers and wood grains, giving you the opportunity to integrate color into a space while still retaining the warmth and neutrality of other finishes. Our Cesar Kitchen Kalea is highly skilled at entertaining two seemingly different style choices at once, ultimately creating one aesthetic that is creative, inspired, and luxurious.

Unique Kitchen Doors
Our Kalea model has 1.4 cm thick doors that come in your choice of matt varnished rough oak in four natural shades, in white open-pore lacquer, in gloss and silk-effect lacquer, and in Cesar’s exciting range of color options. Trilli open units are 1.2 cm thick and come in various heights and widths, with the most popular options in 30, 45, 60, 90, and 120 cm. Trilli open units are available in five rough oak finishes and all color options. The Clarion food preparation units and tables feature brushed steel or white or brown varnished metal structures. Cesar Kitchen Kalea features an aluminum Lexi handle.