Cesar Maxima 2.2 Modern Kitchen Model

Our Cesar Maxima 2.2 kitchen model is our most popular modern kitchen at Cesar NYC Kitchens. It is a contemporary kitchen system with a creative, highly versatile character, and there are over 90 kitchen cabinet finishes to choose from, including lacquer, glass, metal, wood, laminate and eco-gloss. As you can also see in our kitchen portfolio, the name of our modern Cesar Maxima 2.2 kitchen derives from the thickness of its cabinet doors, which have the perfect deepness of exactly 2.2 centimeters (0.87 inches). This modern kitchen plays with the bias of expectations versus new inspiration, and employs various opening methods to create a unique user experience and design. Depending on what kitchen features it is paired with, Cesar Maxima 2.2 can take on sleek, architectural aesthetics as well as warm, cozy textured ones.

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New Modern Kitchen Finishes

With the introduction of our Cesar Maxima 2.2 kitchen came the innovation of new Cesar custom kitchen cabinet finishes for you to choose from. The recently launched silk-effect lacquer cabinet finish, available in a variety of custom colors, was inspired by the dazzling luminescence of big cities worldwide. The beauty of these new finishes, especially our Bianco, Quarzo, Laguna, Arenaria, Plumbeo, and Titanio kitchen finishes, is that they express different nuances depending on the daylight and indirect lighting systems used. Our modern Cesar Laguna and Titanio cabinet finishes express a new era of kitchen materials and design. Their rich, yet sleek texture manages to reimagine and reinvent contemporary kitchen cabinetry, hence making them unique, award-winning custom kitchen choices. Additionally, they help in creating a distinctly modern interior space by using even distribution of materials and finishes to create clean, sleek horizontal lines, so often desired in contemporary kitchen design.

Cesar Marble And Lacquer Kitchen

Full Customization Flexibility

Our Cesar Maxima 2.2 kitchen model is custom made at our Italian Cesar’s kitchen factory in Pramaggiore, near Venice, Italy. Cesar Maxima 2.2 offers a deep level of flexibility in terms of customization, including a vast expanse of material, finish, design and layout choices including unlimited accessory, configuration as well as functionality considerations. At Cesar NYC Kitchens, our kitchen designers will meet with you in a one-on-one kitchen showroom design consultation to show you the possibilities of what Cesar Maxima 2.2 can create in your specific kitchen space and what your design options are. Our designer team will guide you each step of the way, sharing their vast knowledge of Cesar Maxima 2.2’s capabilities. They will also help you in discovering the many ways that Cesar Maxima 2.2 can transform your kitchen space, taking your overall lifestyle, design taste, culinary preferences as well as your spectacular levels of intrigue into consideration. If you would like to learn more about Cesar Maxima 2.2 and the new luxury kitchen space you can create with it, please schedule an appointment to visit our New York City kitchen showroom, located in Manhattan’s Flatiron District. In our Cesar NYC kitchen flagship store, you can experience firsthand the power of Cesar’s craftsmanship and the stunning visuals, achieved through all of our kitchen systems, including our most popular one, Cesar Maxima 2.2.

Cesar Maxima 2.2 Wall Waiter

Our Cesar Maxima 2.2’s Wall Waiter Shelving System is a contemporary design expression and interpretation of modern style wall storage. It is a unique, patented designer shelf that includes elegant, indirect lighting to streamline work in your kitchen space as well as to provide and ensure both, organization and style. Our Cesar Wall Waiter Shelf traditionally comes with our Maxima 2.2 kitchen model, but can be combined with any other modern Cesar kitchen, like our N_Elle kitchen model or Cesar’s UNIT kitchen. The Wall Waiter Shelf has four available design units, which can be used continuously together or alternatively, broken up in pieces, to accommodate specific design needs within your modern kitchen space.