Cesar UNIT Modern Kitchen Model

Cesar UNIT is an exciting new kitchen system that is free of the limitations that wall-anchored kitchen cabinets face. Our UNIT kitchen model blends a sleek appeal with an inviting character, embracing technology while honoring tradition in contemporary kitchen design. A unique and styled look is easily within reach, achieved by creating combinations of kitchen cabinet finishes, which marry beautifully with 2.2 cm thick kitchen cabinet doors. Aluminum comprises three sides of each single piece of this modern kitchen, which come together to create: Cesar UNIT.

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Lightweight Kitchen Design

Our Cesar UNIT kitchen is lightweight in volume and rests atop a matte lacquered aluminum base. The outside edges of the base kitchen cabinets embody a rounded curve, which helps the base to seamlessly, and timelessly integrate into the body of the overall piece. Cesar UNIT has adjustable brass feet, which are shiny in appearance, adding a splash of contrast to the matte aluminum of the base of piece as well as subtle visual intrigue.

Cesar UNIT Kitchen Model

Tall Units of the UNIT Kitchen

Our Cesar UNIT kitchen’s tall pieces look and feel as though they have a singular monochromatic aesthetic, which is achieved through lacquered kitchen handles that match the body of this design piece. The tall kitchen cabinet units are extremely functional storage pieces and have the ability to house a dishwasher or oven, tucking the appliance away out of view and creating uninterrupted surfaces in the kitchen space. Eero shell handles are paired beautifully with our Cesar UNIT modern kitchen model. This are formed in a “D” shape, whose defining characteristic is an edge that creates a visual trick of nearly completely diminished thickness. A stylish reimagining of transitional kitchen handles, shell handles add a splash of visual intrigue and productivity to modern kitchen cabinet doors.

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Layout and Design Customizations

Our Cesar UNIT kitchen embodies soft edges with two beautiful bevelled rims and a surface that is 12 mm thick. Although Cesar UNIT is square and rectangular, its soft edges and rounded base cabinet corners give it an inviting appeal that can seamlessly integrate into nearly any kitchen space. Cesar UNIT allows for infinitely customizable layouts, allowing Cesar NYC’s designers to evaluate the space available and create innovative spacial relationships using Cesar UNIT as grounding pieces between walkways and workspaces. This kitchen can be used as pantries, for storage and can house any type of kitchen appliances. Cesar UNIT is highly customizable, with a range of finishes, including lacquer, fenix laminate and wood grains to choose from. Other options for customization include kitchen features, such as our Cesar wall waiter shelf, handles, sinks, and other details that will help you define your kitchen space as your own, using Cesar UNIT as your grounding cabinet pieces. Watch the below video about our Cesar UNIT kitchen model to see this kitchen from a dynamic perspective and point of view.