Cesar Williamsburg, Intarsio & The 50’s Kitchen

Our latest Cesar kitchen model is called Williamsburg, Intarsio and The 50s and consists of three distinct elements that communicate with one another – a kitchen island, kitchen wall cabinets and an integrated shelving system. This new, innovative and complete modern kitchen whose components co-exist in perfect harmony with their unique and original features was designed by our Cesar Art Director Garcia Cumini. The combination of design elements allows them to exist singularly without being deprived of their primary function. A dynamic and graphic space that invites socialization and evokes the motion of large cities, in which industrial spaces are re-converted into elegant lofts.

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Cesar Williamsburg, Intarsio & The 50’s

Cesar Williamsburg Kitchen Island

Our Williamsburg modern kitchen was inspired by trendy, hip Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York City. Williamsburg is an authentic kitchen island with a central working area. An element that puts people who love to cook perfectly at ease but can also be used as a table, on which food can be shared in a convivial atmosphere. To achieve this, the space below the worktop had to be emptied while allowing the island to still meet the requirements of those working in a modern kitchen. Another source of inspiration was the mechanical engineering concept behind modern bridges that have a visible load-bearing structure on either side, connected by a suspended horizontal element. The Williamsburg kitchen island conveys a feeling of safety and solidity while preserving light and airy lines. The design of the work island also metaphorically interprets a vision of harmony and sharing within the home.

Williamsburg Kitchen Island

Cesar Intarsio Kitchen Cabinets

Our Cesar Intarsio kitchen wall cabinetry in the backdrop of this kitchen project is the ideal addition to the Williamsburg kitchen island. Cesar’s Intarsio cabinets are base and tall unit cabinets made of unique Rovere Fossile wood, which is a high-end material that is also used for the backsplash. The Intarsio cabinet doors are very unique and new to the kitchen design industry, and have an aluminum handle with a ribbed-effect finish that can be fitted both horizontally and vertically. The emphasis on this new Cesar Italian style kitchen is further increased by replacing the wall cabinets by a simple, minimalistic Wall Waiter shelving system. The countertop is made of Inox Mat steel, which is beautifully highlighted through indirect light effects. The integrated sink is made of a one-piece, integrated Grigio Billiemi marble, the same material as used for the chopping board.

Cesar Intarsio Kitchen Design In Gray

The 50’s Shelving System

The 50’s Shelving System has been specifically designed for an open kitchen space by our Art Director García Cumini, and perfectionists our latest modern kitchen model. The 50’s shelving system consists of structured Nero lacquered modules as well as modules in Rovere Fossile wood, using additional shelves in transparent Grigio Fumè glass. It is custom designed to fit individual interior design wishes, and can be seen as a piece of art on its own. The focus is to be put on the beautiful feet of this Italian shelf, which reminds us in many ways of the design and style used throughout the 50s. This design style is becoming fashionable again nowadays, and successfully manages to combine the future and the past of design in a natural, authentic way.

The 50’s Shelving System

Williamsburg And Intarsio Video

Watch the below kitchen video about our Williamsburg, Intarsio and The 50’s kitchen model, to see this modern kitchen in a dynamic way. Be inspired by its sleek, minimalistic layout, and plenty of customization options, so it integrates perfectly into your home. Lay back for a moment now and be ready for some magical moments of award-winning kitchen design.