Cesar Noa Transitional Kitchen Model

Cesar Kitchen Noa embodies all that the kitchen has to offer: an outpouring of invitation to be a part of it all – family, a meal, conversation. Cesar Kitchen Noa creates a friendly atmosphere that is cozy, authentic, and familiar. Its design creates a stunning ambiance by featuring terse lines. Its range of kitchen elements makes our Noa kitchen a practical model, creating a space where the cook moves about the kitchen with ease while preparing meals, serving family and friends, and sharing in the laughter and memories that great company creates.

Innovative Kitchen Design

With so many color options, the possibilities for customization of design are nearly endless with this transitional kitchen model. At Cesar NYC, our expert designers will sit with you through an in-showroom one-on-one consultation, where you may review all of the finish and color options and may begin to dream up which combinations will help you achieve your vision of your perfect new kitchen. Our designers are experts regarding our Cesar Noa kitchen, and can help you decide which kitchen features will best benefit the functionality you seek from your new kitchen. This will allow you to create a space that is uniquely yours and serves the function and style you deserve.

Noa Transitional Kitchen Cesar NYC

Impressive Kitchen

Noa’s tall units contain a great number of shelves, creating plenty of storage space for the kitchen, where storage is needed the most. In this Cesar kitchen, the shelves in the tall units extend outward, making it easy to reach even the very back of the pantry – a feature that is particularly lauded for its boost in productivity and storage in the kitchen space. The base units in Cesar Kitchen Noa feature jumbo drawers that are fully available to house cookware, utensils, small appliances and other kitchen-specific elements of the household. Our Cesar kitchen Noa features 2.5 cm thick doors with a 9cm wide frame. This kitchen model comes with a wide range of customization options, allowing you to achieve nearly any aesthetic, blending your kitchen with the rest of the home and creating a continuous feeling of modern luxury and comfort. Our Cesar Noa kitchen is available in brushed yellow pine finished with semi-transparent lacquer in you choice of five different colors: magnolia, caramel, clay, garnet, and truffle. Noa is also available in silk-effect lacquer in any of the colors of Cesar’s color catalog, including white, butter, ivory, cord, pearl, turtledove, pepper, orange, red, ruby red, coffee, midnight blue, cloud grey, graphite, and black.