Cesar Art Director Vicente Garcia

You have decided that you want a new kitchen, but before you can enjoy the final result, there are some steps that need to be taken, including determining the best design and finding the best kitchen manufacturer. At our Cesar NYC Kitchen Showroom in Manhattan, our senior kitchen designers can guide you through the kitchen design process. Read more about the individual kitchen design steps in this blog post.

Make A Sketch

An initial sketch of your interior space with the dimensions of your walls, ceiling heights as well as doors and windows will make it easier to visualize the possibilities of your new kitchen and layout. The sketch doesn’t have to be overly precise or look professional, it’s just very helpful for the initial consultation with our kitchen designers.

Meet With Our Kitchen Designer

Setting up a kitchen consultation with one of our kitchen designers at our Cesar NYC kitchen showroom will allow you to see kitchen cabinet products and finishes first-hand and discuss various design options. The first meeting with our kitchen designers will typically include a conversation about how you use your kitchen as well as the role it plays in your lifestyle. We will also suggest the best ergonomic solutions and give you many other tips since our kitchen designers are an invaluable resource in terms of design elements, the functionality of your kitchen, as well as how to make the most of your kitchen space. The final result should be a functional and beautiful space for gatherings, food prep and eating. Do you need more reasons to hire a kitchen designer?

Customize The Design

Once the layout has been decided, it is time to look at customization options, including your desired kitchen cabinet finishes and the kitchen accessories for inside the cabinetry. At Cesar, we have more than 150 types of finishes ranging from melamine to lacquer, marble and wood veneer. No two kitchens are the same and you have the opportunity to create something truly unique.

Purchase The Cabinets And Appliances

Once you are happy with the options suggested by the kitchen designer and would like to formally start the design process, we will request a retainer, which counts towards the final sum of your purchase of kitchen cabinets.

Apart from cabinets, you will also need appliances, a countertop, sink and faucet to complete your new kitchen. Our kitchen designers will be able to guide you through this decision-making process and recommend solutions for your budget and style. After that, you just need to wait until the kitchen is delivered and installed, and you’ll be ready to enjoy it. Read more about our Cesar kitchen showroom.