European Kitchen Design By Cesar Kitchens

Custom design is the best way to make your dream interior a reality. If elegant Italian kitchen designs have been running through your mind, it is time to make that vision a reality. With the right team, a gorgeous vision, and high-quality materials, you can take the first step toward creating the modern kitchen you have always wanted.


  • Remember to include storage. Even the sleekest designs can hide storage units, so be sure to include kitchen cabinets, shelving, and pantries. While it might be tempting to be as minimalist as possible, it is still important to store your kitchen tools somewhere. This will help avoid clutter later on.
  • Be wary of trends. Your kitchen is a high traffic area, so try to opt for timeless pieces when building your modern kitchen design. That piece might look attractive right now, but you don’t want to get tired of it once the next trend pops up. Always be mindful of how your tastes may change.
  • Think functionality. Every piece of your kitchen design should have a purpose. This will let you fully optimize the space, using the features as well as enjoying them. While aesthetics will drive your design, remember to keep function in mind.
  • Consider various options. Exploring several design possibilities will help you decide exactly what you are looking for. If you settle on the first counter material you see, for example, you might not know what other materials you could like better. Be patient during this process, as you want the space to be idea.
  • Hire an expert. Professional kitchen designers will help you decide on every detail of the room, creating a complete picture. When hiring a designer, be sure to look at their portfolio and decide whether you enjoy their past designs.

As you are designing your dream kitchen, picture yourself using every feature that you decide to purchase. This will ensure that you are making the right aesthetic and functional choices. Plan enough of your renovation budget for your kitchen. Homeowners will spend an average of 35% of their budgets on cabinets. This diligence will be worth it once the space is finished.

Cesar is an industry leader in European kitchen designs. Contact us today to begin building your luxury kitchen.