Bathroom Vanities In NYC

Besides Italian kitchen cabinetry, our Cesar NYC kitchen flagship showroom also offers modern high-end bathroom vanities that are custom made in our Cesar kitchen factory near Venice, Italy. With over 50 years’ design experience, Cesar is one of the leading kitchen and bath designers worldwide, and our vanity solutions in NYC and the wider tri-state area include the initial bathroom vanity design, production and installation according to your wishes and desires.

Cesar Multi-Unit Custom Vanities NYC

Our Bathroom Design Process

Like our kitchen design process, our bathroom vanity design usually starts with a complimentary design consultation at our Cesar kitchen flagship store in Flatiron District, NYC. This showroom visit gives you the chance to meet our kitchen designers in person, and to become more familiar with our product and high quality services offered. In case you are looking for a kitchen and bath redesign, we can show you our material and finish options and explain how our custom vanity designs complement our Cesar’s kitchen cabinetry lines. Our bathroom cabinets are in line with our global reputation at Cesar for being on the cutting edge of innovation in design.

High-End Cesar Bathroom Vanity Design

Cesar Vanity Materials And Finishes

The offer of Italian custom vanities allows our designers to create seamless aesthetic experiences between the kitchen space and other rooms in the home, to the delight of our valued customers. Like our Cesar kitchen cabinetry lines, our Cesar bathroom vanity designs come in a range of styles, functions and finishes. Lacquered finishes come in a variety of colors and add a luxurious sheen to each interior space. Lacquered finishes have a glossy, smooth appearance that is a staple in modern luxury design. Wood grain finishes are another highly desired finish in the world of modern design as they blend the warmth and natural hues of wood with the smooth, clean texture that is characteristic of contemporary and transitional design.

Vanity Design At Cesar Multi-Unit Project

Vanity Design Options

Our Cesar bathroom vanities offer an exciting opportunity to create an uninterrupted visual experience when moving within your home. They bring the same finishes, function and styles that define the kitchen space, into the bathroom and other interior spaces in the home. Continuity in aesthetic considerations creates an overall tone of stability and deeply considered, expertly executed design that feels sophisticated and elegant. Our kitchen and bath designers are excited and inspired by the innovative design options and creations of Italian Cesar custom vanities. This addition to our highly admired range of modern design options makes our designers consider our clients’ homes in new ways.

Cesar Multi-Unit Custom Vanity Design NYC

Kitchen and Bathroom Design

In the consultation phase of a project, our NYC kitchen and bath designers can use their expertise to advise on how elements of a new kitchen design can be brought into the rest of the home, thus integrating the kitchen into the home and creating an overall modern feel across the space. The introduction of Cesar vanities allows for new possibilities in this realm. To see our custom-made Cesar vanities and to talk to a designer about how this new offering may benefit your home’s design, visit our Manhattan showroom, where you can experience Cesar’s work firsthand and can imagine what possibilities it could create in your home.

Cesar Vanities In Old Greenwich, CT

Innovative Custom Bathroom Vanities

Expressing our innovative products and approaches in our clients’ bathroom spaces creates new possibilities for the creation of an overall feeling of clean, modern lines throughout these homes, which usually complement the architecture of the respective spaces in the best possible ways. A seamless aesthetic is a designer’s as well as our clients’ dream, and creates an experience unlike any other. If you would like to find out more about our custom vanities, contact our Cesar NYC showroom for a complimentary vanity consultation.