White And Black Cesar Kitchen

Would you like to find out what’s currently trending in the modern kitchen industry? We at Cesar Kitchens are seen as one of the major kitchen trendsetters worldwide, and every year we are launching new fashionable and innovative modern kitchen models. If you are a modern homeowner and are looking for inspiration to redesign your kitchen, read more about the below ongoing kitchen design trends.

Open Space Concept

Choosing open space kitchens, by integrating the kitchen and living room space, is becoming more and more popular. Modern kitchens are designed to facilitate an informal, interactive lifestyle where people can get together to entertain, socialize or work. An open concept can also make a small space feel much larger. Tearing down walls is an easy way to trick the eye into thinking that you’ve got more square footage than you really do, which is something most people in NYC are looking for.

Great Appliance Options

Nowadays kitchens are thought of as more than just a place to cook a casual meal, and homeowners turn to professional-grade appliances for their new multi-purpose room. Why go to a bar if you can choose from a great selection of wine in your personal custom wine cooler? There is also no need to go to crowded coffee places early in the morning if you can have a built-in coffee machine in your beautiful custom kitchen.

The 50’s Shelving System

Dark And Bold

While an all-white kitchen is a timeless trend adorned by modernists and minimalists alike, current trends have big, bold colors being brought into the kitchen. Splashes of color find their way into modern kitchen design via accent walls, tiles or accessories such as vases and kitchenware. Another option is to add a darker finish to your kitchen cabinetry, such as dark wood veneer or choose a bold countertop such as black granite. White will still stick around in parts of the kitchen though. After all, white or other light colors are essential to drive home brightness and will also remain popular in the future.


Regardless of currently ongoing kitchen design trends, your kitchen remodel should reflect your own personal taste and style. Thanks to all the options, your kitchen can reflect your personal style both aesthetically and functionally. No matter what your budget is, the choices are endless. Find out more about your kitchen design preferences by browsing through our modern residential kitchen portfolio.